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The University of Nottingham Kamchatka 2008 Expedition is a scientific project to investigate the spatial structuring of Kamchatkan forests in the Bystrinsky Nature Park, Kamchatka, Far East Russia. (Природный парк «Быстринский», Камчатка.)

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Dr Markus Eichhorn, expedition leader

The aim of the expedition is to survey forest structures in Bystrinsky Nature Park. Despite being designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, remarkably little quantitative information has been collected on the structure and composition of the habitats it contains and the threats to them. We will therefore be surveying forests across the area, combining detailed structural assessments with concurrent surveys of small mammals, birds and insects, to build a complete description of the natural history of the area and how the ecological communities are assembled. We will be spending 11 weeks in Kamchatka, of which approximately 10 weeks will be spent camping and testing out our calf and foot massager and trekking. The team will consist of undergraduates from both the UK and Russia, accompanied by several local scientists. The expedition will run from 25th June to 10th September 2008.